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Hologram Label Lasering hologram sticker is engraved by laser beam in different angles which figure out different c
Destructible Paper Label Destructible Paper is a kind of security paper .Although This type paper is very fragile .but you ca
Barcode Label / Barcode Printing Barcode labels are the ones that have become much popular in the market. Many of the people try in m
Pre Print Label / Printing Label Pre-printed labels are ordered when users need labels with a non-variable data printed on them. That
Receipt Paper, Thermal Paper Our receipt paper ensures that no matter what printer you have, we'll have the right paper for it. F
Jewelry Labels / Jewellery Tags Jewelry Labels / Jewellery Tags consist of two labels, one on top of the other. The top label is rea
RICOH B110C Ricoh resin ribbons offer great quality prints for your labels. In combination with smooth label mat
Ricoh B110A 理光(RICOH)熱轉印碳帶是理光公司長期製造信息和通訊設備經驗的結晶。理光碳帶已在全世界120個國家中得以
TSC Direct Thermal Wristbands Latex-free TSC Wristbands DA are ideally suited for tracking hospital patient information, controlli
VOID Label A type of security label; these labels are designed to indicate that a label has been tampered with
Thermal Transfer Label 空白標籤,顧名思義是未經打印或印刷的標籤。大多數的應用情況是要求每個標籤的內容都是唯一的。考慮成本和
Ribbon 色帶是條碼印表機使用的耗材,就是在一面塗上蠟、樹脂或混合(蠟、樹脂)的一種聚脂薄膜,在沒有油墨的一面塗
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