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Everything you need to design and print labels
NiceLabel Design and Print software helps you quickly design labels and create an efficient printing process. Quickly produce professional labels without making investments in training and coding.

Label design

Everything you need to design labels quickly

Our label designer makes it easy for anyone to design labels. It's packed with graphical design features that enable users to create labels in minutes, no coding skills or training necessary.


The industry’s easiest-to-use label designer

Design and maintain customer-specific or regulatory-compliant label templates in no time – with our Label Designer. It delivers a familiar, Microsoft Word-like user experience, meaning users can quickly design professional labels without barcoding knowledge, design layout expertise or advanced computer skills. Use one of the pre-designed label templates or create one from scratch in minutes, even if you have never designed a label before.

Reduce cost and complexity with intelligent label templates

NiceLabel’s label templates are universal. You can use the same template with any printer brand and model, even printers with different resolutions. You don’t need to design different labels for different printer models to get the same consistent output and fast printing performance.

Perfectly formatted labels, every time

NiceLabel automatically positions, aligns, word wraps or adjusts the font size of your text to ensure your dynamic data fits into the designated area.

Minimize template versions

Intelligent features like relative object positioning, variable label length and double-sided printing help reduce the number of template variations you need to create.

Print in multiple languages

NiceLabel’s user interface, help system and user guides are available in many languages. Label content can by printed in any language with multiple languages appearing on the same label.

Create intelligent labels that can be used for many customers

Fast and simple database connectivity

Anyone can connect to a database using our label designer’s database wizard.

·         Easily connect to Excel, Access and text files

·         Connect to SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL

·         OLE DB and ODBC provide connectivity to almost any other database

·         Connection to multiple databases and tables on the same label

·         Import dynamic graphics from databases (BLOB)

·         Custom SQL data queries for advanced queries

Configure, Don’t Code.

Our label designer lets you configure dynamic data using menus rather than coding.

·         Configurable variables, data-entry rules and error checking

·         GS1-128 barcode wizard for shipper box labels

·         Functions for easy manipulation and concatenation of dynamic data

·         Advanced VB or Python scripting for custom or special needs


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