Easy Scan Printing Supplies

Easy Scan can provide one-stop service for all label printing! We can customize almost all label sizes and barcode label materials (paper labels, PET labels) and color labels. We also cater for pre-printed labels and custom labels to suit any requirement. Provide sample for quotations are welcome.

Labels come pre-printed, partially printed, or blank. Pre-printed labels are ordered when users need labels with a non-variable data printed on them. That can be a company logo, contact details, return address for shipping labels, some kind of warning, barcodes, any visual representation, etc.

Fully pre-printed labels are easy to use, because the only thing you need to do when you receive them is – to apply them on your product. With partially pre-printed labels users need to have some sort of printing device for printing additional variable data. For these applications people usually use thermal transfer printer(barcode printer).

Fully pre-printed labels contain constant information printed on them and nothing is added at a later date, while partially pre-printed labels contain constant info with blank space for additionally printing variable data. Partially pre-printed labels can contain words such as: „Best before date“, “Product code“, “Company address“, “Serial number“, etc. The users need to print the information that follows these “titles“.

Pre-printed labels can come in any color, design, shape, and on any label material you desire. All these elements should be carefully considered when ordering a pre-printed label, so that you can provide the best possible label solution for your application.

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