Proof of Pick-up and Delivery

Field Operations 
FIELD OPERATIONS USE CASE – Proof of Pick-up and Delivery
Quality Proofing

Ensure Pick-Up, Delivery And Repeat Business
As a logistics company, you know getting paid can hinge on getting proof – and keeping business means keeping customers satisfied. Our solutions allow you to do both: letting you take photos for proof of delivery and package condition, and giving customers complete visibility of their assets, wherever they are.

Today’s market is seeing increasing customer and business demands. From quality to delivery speed, everyone wants the best. With quality applications ( deployed via mobile devices ), manufacturers can improve the speed and accuracy of their quality checks. The capture of quality data is then automated, ensuring that customers receive the right products every time, improving customer satisfaction and retention. The ability to identify quality issues quickly helps manufacturers minimize wasted labor, materials and equipment, contributing to efficiency.

Furthermore, mobility improves the quality beyond the production line since product verification can be conducted virtually at every step of the process. This intelligence can then ensure inventory is readily available and all orders fulfilled correctly.

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Proof of Pick-up and Delivery

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Mobile Printers for Proof of Pick-up and Delivery