Easy Scan Brand

Easy Scan

is the in-house brand of Easy Scan Barcode Technology Limited.

Specializing in high-quality, professional, and customized labeling and identification technology solutions, We offers an extensive product line backed by deep industry experience. The brand is dedicated to providing tailored labeling and printing solutions to customers across various industries, enhancing operational efficiency and market competitiveness through innovative labeling technology and professional services. Our product line ranges from custom labels to specialized printing materials.

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Easy Scan Brand Values

The core values of the Easyscan brand revolve around innovation, quality, customer service, and flexibility. These values not only support its market position but also form the foundation for providing excellent products and services to customers.

Easy Scan
Anti-counterfeiting Labels

Integrate multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies to protect brands and consumers from counterfeit goods.

Label 標籤產品

Easy Scan Lables

Under the Easy Scan brand, the product line includes label products, RFID tags, anti-counterfeiting labels.

We offer custom labels in various materials, including paper, synthetic fibers, and plastic (PVC, PET), suitable for different printers and various application environments and requirements, including waterproof, high-temperature resistant, and tear-proof features.

Blank Labels

Blank Label

Blank labels are unprinted labels provided for customers to print themselves. These labels are typically used in applications requiring high flexibility, such as variable data printing (e.g., serial numbers, dates, or personalized information).

Pre-printed Labels

Pre-printed Labels

We provide pre-printed labels with fixed content, such as company logos, company names, borders, and background colors, to improve consistency, strengthen brand image, and display information.

Printed Labels

Printed Labels

Printed labels are professionally printed labels that can include color patterns, company logos, text information, and more. These labels are often used for brand identification and promotional activities, as well as any occasion requiring high-quality visual presentation.



Features: Provide contactless reading and writing capabilities, significantly improving data collection speed and accuracy. Available in different shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different application environments.

Easy Scan Receipt Paper

Widely used in cash registers, POS machines, and ATMs in banks, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. We can provide various specifications, sizes, and long-lasting preservation based on equipment requirements.

Easyscan 品牌 收銀紙

Easy Scan Wristbands

Mainly used for identification and event management in entertainment venues and medical facilities, such as music festivals, nightclubs, hospitals, etc., for identification and visitor management.

Waterproof, durable, and customizable with printing, including barcodes, colors, and brand logos.


Easy Scan Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We offer different types of ribbons, such as wax-based, wax/resin-based, and pure resin-based, suitable for various printing needs and durability requirements, ensuring print quality.

Easyscan 品牌 Ribbon

Our thermal transfer ribbons are compatible with all common thermal transfer printers, providing clear and durable print results.

We offer a variety of colors and widths to meet different printing needs and specifications.

Compatible with all mainstream thermal transfer printers, providing multiple color and width options to meet different printing needs.

Easy Scan PVC card

We provide highly durable solutions that can integrate smart technology, suitable for making ID cards and membership cards.

Easyscan 品牌 PVC Cards
Easyscan 品牌 PVC Cards

Easy Scan Card Paper

Card paper is widely used for boarding passes, concert tickets, exhibition entry passes, and more, offering various thicknesses and textures and allowing for high-quality printing.

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