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Late or incorrect deliveries drive customers away. Our mobile computers and printers make sure deliveries are accurate, on time and up to expectations with accurate inventory counts, shelf utilization and proof of delivery.

What is Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a distribution strategy that involves delivering products directly from the manufacturer or distributor to individual retail stores without routing through a centralized distribution center. This approach streamlines the supply chain by bypassing intermediary storage locations and facilitating a more direct and efficient flow of goods to the end retailer.
In the DSD model, suppliers or distributors take on the responsibility of delivering products to each retail location, ensuring a more frequent and responsive replenishment of store inventory. This method is especially advantageous for products with a short shelf life, such as perishable goods or items subject to rapid changes in consumer demand.
DSD promotes a close working relationship between suppliers and retailers, allowing for more tailored merchandising and product placement strategies at the store level. This approach also enables retailers to maintain lower inventory levels, reducing storage costs and the risks associated with overstocking.
Overall, DSD is a distribution strategy designed to enhance supply chain efficiency, minimize transit times, and optimize the delivery of products to retail outlets, contributing to improved product availability and consumer satisfaction.

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