Put-away / Replenishment

Warehouse Solutions
Put every shipment in its’ place.

Optimize Warehouse Operations with Put-away and Replenishment Solutions for Real-time Inventory Management
To ensure optimal inventory levels are maintained in the warehouse, you need to accurately document pertinent product information and location during the replenishment and put-away process. This is imperative for warehouse operations like picking, cycle counting, and reordering to run smoothly. With Zebra’s Put-away and Replenishment solutions paired with your Warehouse Management System (WMS), you mobilize and empower your workforce to see exactly where something is stored and how much is available.

Analyze Inventory Turns
Know when stock is added or replenished so inventory planners can accurately anticipate purchasing cycles and manufacturing schedules.

Flexible Work Environment
Help workers efficiently and accurately complete their transactions in the put-away aisle. Hand-held, wearable, and vehicle-mounted devices provide the right device for the job, with instant worker-to-worker communication across the warehouse.

Drive Business Growth
Eliminate out-of-stocks with rapid replacement of goods into the appropriate location and WMS, reducing unnecessary lost sales opportunities.

Build Your End-to-End Solution

Mobile Computer for Put-away

Mobile Computer

Wearable Computer

Wearable Device

Wearable scanners designed to keep mobile workers’ hands free.

Tablets for Put-away or Replenishment


Scanner for Replenishment

Ultra-rugged Scanner

Rugged handheld, Industrial-grade barcode scanners are built to endure the most trying operations and provide superior scanning performance.

Mobile Printer

Mobile Printers