Rugged Tablets / Industrial Tablets

Easy scan offers US brands Zebra and Honeywell. They are not ordinary tablets, these are tailor-made tablets, rugged and available in different models, retail (stores, direct sales), manufacturing, warehouse management (forklifts and other vehicles), medical Health care, transportation (shipyard, wharf, port)

Zebra Industrial Tablets

Toughness isn’t the end game…it’s just the starting point, table stakes for a purpose that’s far-reaching, high achieving and uniquely defined by you. It’s time to power your job performance and career aspirations to their highest level with a purpose-built Zebra tablet that’s perfectly matched and personally customized to work your way.

Honeywell Rugged Tablets

Excellent cellular connectivity and advanced barcode scanning makes some ideal for work requiring a truly mobile office such as field sales, direct-store delivery and field service, with the enterprise reliability, security and OS upgradeability that the IT team loves.

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