Easy Scan Technology Ltd. provide barcode printers such as  Zebra  , TSC.

Barcode printers are widely used in all walks of life, such as production lines, hospitals, logistics and warehousing departments, retail supermarkets and many other places that require high-load on-demand printing services.
Therefore,the normal operation of the barcode printer is very important for each application environment.

Barcode printer printing method is base on heat. Most barcode printers use thermal printing or thermal transfer printing.
Thermal transfer printer uses ribbon and blank label / blank stickers, printer heat the ribbon by printhead. And then the color from ribbon transfer to the blank label/ blank stickers
Thermal printer use thermal paper.

TSC  is the first professional manufacturer in Taiwan to invest in the development and manufacture of barcode printers and peripheral products. Thirty years later, TSC Auto ID has become a leading manufacturer in the market, with more than five million barcode printers sold on five continents and customers in the automatic identification system industry market all over the world.
TSC has become the trusted choice for barcode label printing solutions, providing the most hardware products in the industry. Customers choose TSC for reliable, high-performance products, excellent value and on-site support.

Zebra has always been hidden in many industries in the world, and Zebra  solutions can be found behind the scenes. Ensure visibility of every asset and employee far and wide. Connect them with the data they need. Guide their next steps with clear and accurate insights. And optimize workflows, operations, and decisions in real-time for efficient, impactful results.

Year Founded:  1969  Channel Partners:  10,000+  Employees: About 8,800
Zebra Know-how:  5,300+  Global Offices: 128+ offices in 54 countries

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