Honeywell PC42E-T

Honeywell PC42E-T desktop printer is compact, reliable, and user-friendly, providing efficient printing performance, easy manageability, and maintenance.With its array of intelligent features and user-friendly design, the PC42E-T is well-suited for various industries such as retail, transportation, and logistics, as well as light manufacturing and warehousing.

Honeywell PC42E-T Datasheet pdf


Equipped with high-performance print heads offering resolution options of 203 dpi or 300 dpi, the PC42E-T delivers fast and stable high-quality printing with a maximum speed of 6 inches per second. This meets customer demands for enhanced printing accuracy and high-definition labels required for tasks like logistics parcel tracking and marking assets and products.

Honeywell PC42E-T includes an ECO button for economy mode that helps reduce label wastage and saving calibration waiting time. Its clever design allows easy switching between 0.5-inch and 1-inch ribbon cores enables multiple applications with a single printer.
Connectivity options for the PC42E-T are diverse, catering to different usage scenarios. In addition to built-in Ethernet and USB host, the printer supports a host of accessories like cutters, peelers, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and USB to serial cable.
The cutter enhances productivity, while the peeler supports various paper types and offers excellent stripping performance. The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module enables easy deployment and management of a large number of printers, eliminating the limitations of physical cable connections.

The PC42E-T is also backward-compatible with accessories from the earlier PC42T model and thus helps to protect your initial investments. With its rich interfaces, compact design, and compatibility with common media specifications, the PC42E-T seamlessly integrates into any application environment.

Featuring Honeywell Printer Edge™ and OpIntel, PC42E-T offers remote centralized management and real-time monitoring. This allows for large-scale seamless upgrades and deployment, minimize printer downtime, improve print speed and accuracy, enhance security, and lower maintenance costs.

With its intuitive design, the PC42E-T offers many operation conveniences. The large top window and LCD screen allow for easy monitoring of consumables and printing status, while the flat top design facilitates stackable usage.

Whether for printing receipts, tags, or labels, Honeywell PC42E-T is the perfect choice for maximizing productivity and reducing costs, catering for present and future needs.

The PC42E-T is a compact and user-friendly solution that is perfect for retail and chain-store environments. It enhances work efficiency and improves customer engagement. With its high printing speed of up to 6 inches per second and options for high-resolution printing, retailers can enjoy stable and fast point-of-sale printing, resulting in increased productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth make it easy to print on demand and manage multiple devices without being confined to a desk. The ECO button significantly reduces calibration time & label wastages.

Transportation & Logistics
Empower logistics and transportation workers to stay connected and print on the go with the PC42E-T’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. This highly efficient printer features a large LED display for easy monitoring of printing status. The ECO button enables quick calibration, boosting efficiency and reducing label waste. The user-friendly design of the PC42E-T facilitates easy media loading and operation, while the large top window allows for effortless label monitoring. The auto-calibration feature prevents wasted time and media, ensuring reliable and durable printing even when on the move.

Light Manufacturing & Warehouse
The PC42E-T is a valuable tool for light manufacturers looking to improve production efficiency. It offers a range of accessories, such as peel-off and cutter options, which enable high-speed printing in large quantities. The printer’s high-performance print head with 200 dpi/300 dpi resolution and fast printing speed of up to 6 ips ensures high-quality and efficient output, resulting in increased productivity. The Honeywell Printer Edge™ and OpIntel solution provide effortless centralized device management. This includes remote deployment, upgrades and maintenance, ultimately saving time and costs.

Honeywell PC42E-T Specifications

    • Compatible Software
      • BarTender
    • Features
      • Multilingual
    • Application
      • Light Manufacturing
      • Retail
      • T&L
      • Warehouse
    • Compatible Drivers
      • Inter Driver Windows® printer driver,
      • CUPS driver for Linux,
      • Honeywell Device Types for SAP,
      • Honeywell label design and print package
    • Weight range
      • 2.04 kg (4.5 lb) kilogram
    • Overall Dimensions
      • L x W x H: 268 mm x 198 mm x 168 mm (10.5 in x 7.8 in x 6.6 in)
    • Image File Format
      • BMP, GIF, PCX, PNG
    • Print Method
      • Thermal Transfer and Direct Transfer
    • 2D Barcodes
      • All major 2D barcodes
    • Resolutions
      • 203 dpi/300dpi
    • Print Speeds
      • 203 dpi: 1-6 ips
      • 300 dpi:1-5 ips
    • MEDIA
      • Printer Media Type
        • Lable, Ribbon
    • Maximum Ribbon Length
      • 300
    • Maximum Media Roll Diameter
      • 127
      • 5
    • Wireless Communication
      • Wifi 5.0 & Bluetooth 5.0 (optional)
    • Bluetooth Specifications
      • Bluetooth 5.0 (optional)
    • Printer Command Language
      • Direct Protocol (DP), DPL, ZSim2 (ZPL II), ESim (EPL), XML enabled for SAP® AII and Oracle® WMS
    • Printer Connection Interface
      • USB Device, USB Host, factory installed Internal Ethernet
    • Operating voltage
      • 90~264V voltage
    • Operating temperature
      • -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
    • Storage Temperature
      • -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
    • Operating Humidity
      • 10 to 80% RH non- condensing
    • Warranty Duration
      • 1 year

Honeywell PC42E-T Datasheet pdf


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