Barcode Scanners , also known as Barcode Reader, Barcode Gun / Barcode Scan gun

中文名 條碼掃描器

It is a reading device used to read the information contained in the barcode. It uses the optical principle to decode the content of the barcode and transmit it to a computer or other equipment through a data cable or wirelessly. It is widely used in supermarkets, logistics express, libraries, etc. to scan barcodes of commodities and documents.
1D-scanner also known as Laser Scanner
If you want to read two-dimensional barcode (2D Code / 2D Barcode ), you need to select two-dimensional (2D) – scanner, 1D-scanner is cannot decode 2D-Barcode.
Easy Scan Technology provides Zebra ( 斑馬 ), Honeywell ( 霍尼韋爾 ) barcode scanners.

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