Mobile Printer aka Portable Printer

They have a sturdy casing, are small in size and cost less, but powerful. They can print stickers, barcodes, receipts, tickets, labels. With  accessories, it can print accurate receipts and labels at any time, effectively improving the efficiency of mobile printing.

Mobile printers ‘s best friend are receipt paper, without ribbons or ink cartridges.

Mobile printers can be connect with Mobile Computer / data collectors with Bluetooth. It can help users complete various tasks faster, smarter and better.

Easy Scan Technology provide multiple brands of mobile printers, such as Zebra, Honeywell, TSC , etc.

Zebra is a partner with 50 years of innovation in thermal printing, and Zebra mobile printers enable portable printing of barcode labels, receipts and RFID labels , increasing employee productivity and accuracy. Zebra offers mobile printers at different price points to provide a complete portable solution.

TSC Printronix Auto ID is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative thermal transfer/thermal printing solutions. TSC’s Mobile Printers Print receipts and labels anytime, anywhere. Small, lightweight, and durable, portable printers with long battery life can last all day and print efficiently at any time to reduce downtime and increase productivity. TSC portable printers print linerless labels, reducing paper waste and increasing productivity.