DH240T / TH240 / TH340 / TH240T / TH340T / DH340T

The 4-inch TH DH Series  TH240 /TH340/TH240T/TH340T/ DH240T /DH340T Desktop Barcode Printers are versatile and flexible for diverse printing requirements. This series’ versatility enables printing a wide range of difficult labels, including thick, tiny, and long labels and certain types of vertical market labels.

Our printer language emulation makes the TH DH Series plug-and-play. Its firmware automatically identifies major printer languages and begins printing immediately without changing label templates. The TH DH Series minimizes downtime during daily operations through comprehensive printer management tools (Internal Embedded Webpage, virtual control panel, TSC Console, and SOTI Connect), printer shutdown prevention, and supports network security configurations to manage printers efficiently.

The TH DH Series scales up applications with a wide media width, high-precision printing, and several addable future-proof options. This empowers businesses to adapt to changing requirements for present and future operations. The eco-friendly printer features 100% recyclable packaging and plastic printer casing. Over 90% of printer components are recyclable at the printer’s end-of-life, reducing environmental impact.

TSC TH240 / TH340 / TH240T / TH340T / DH240T / DH340T Datasheet pdf

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The 4 inch TH DH Series TH240 /TH340/TH240T/TH340T/ DH240T /DH340T
Seamless Integration, Effortless Deployment

  • Out-of-the-box auto-switch print language emulation
  • User-friendly and convenient label printing with TSC Standalone Creator and TSCPRTGo

Minimizing Downtime, Maximizing Uptime

  • Real-time remote printer monitoring and management with the Internal Embedded Webpage, virtual control panel, TSC Console, and SOTI Connect
  • Downtime prevention with self-diagnostic TPH Care, TPH (thermal printhead) maintenance, and ribbon low warning
  • User-friendly design: self-diagnostics, toolless TPH and platen roller replacement for easy maintenance, and shortcut buttons for enhanced efficiency
  • Supports network security configurations: HTTPS, SNMPv3, 802.1X, and TCP/IP Port 9100 filter

Versatile, Future-Proof Print Quality

  • 15mm to 120mm wide media width for diverse media types, optional narrow media adaptors support the narrow label width to 10mm
  • High-precision print quality with innovative label stabilizing media damper and adjustments in vertical DPI, heater line, and TPH pressure
  • Supports UTF-8 TTF (TrueType Font) for different language label content printing
  • Addable future-proof upgrades: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cutter module, peeler module, care label cutter kit, linerless tear-off kit, and linerless cutter kit

Environmentally Sustainable Printer

  • 100% recyclable packaging with FSC-compliant cartons
  • 100% recyclable plastic printer casing made with 30% recycled plastic
  • 90%+ of printer components are recyclable

Healthcare Tailored Design

  • Crisp white and bright full-color scheme, perfectly suited for healthcare environments
  • Antimicrobial, easy-to-disinfect casing for effortless cleaning, vastly reducing the risk of contamination
  • IEC 60601-1 Medical-Grade Compliant Power Supply, ensuring safe and reliable use in healthcare facilities

TSC TH240 / TH340 / TH240T / TH340T / DH240T / DH340T Datasheet pdf


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