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BarTender® software – Bartender 2021 enables organizations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance by creating and automating the printing and control of labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more. The world’s largest companies and hundreds of thousands of small businesses rely on BarTender to help them

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Bartender Expanded database integrations

Build tight, flexible integrations between your business systems and BarTender with expanded database options and support.

BarTender’s powerful integration capabilities now support over 20 different databases and data file types including these, new to BarTender 2021 :

  • Excel Online
  • JSON
  • Google Sheets
  • QuickBooks Online

BarTender 2021 ’s .NET SDK now supports new Librarian and Print Portal REST APIs, providing powerful new workflow and web printing functionality.

Create commercial-quality designs

  • There’s a new interface for color selection in BarTender Designer. The Color Picker makes it easy to choose, identify and reuse a full spectrum of print and web colors throughout your BarTender documents. There’s support for PANTONE® colors, hex values and even data-sourced colors that populate your label dynamically.
  • BarTender’s Data Builder application now includes a Phrase Library, so you can build your own multi-lingual library of standard text phrases, and add and track the accompanying translations. This new Phrase Library is then accessed in Designer to populate your label designs.
  • Included is an Auto Translate feature which will translate a phrase that can be used as a starting point for a human translator to verify. You can also import and export the phrase library to CSV or TMX format files for even more accurate translations. (TMX files are typically used by translation services for professional translation.)

[The Phrase Library and Auto Translate features are available in BarTender 2021 as an early preview, to solicit customer feedback.]

Bartender Color Picker
Bartender Dynamic Data

Dynamic data

  • Automatically source data and images from database or external files for printing
  • Write back to most SQL-based databases to record serial numbers generated by BarTender or keep track of which database records have already been printed.
  • Make data input and selection easy by leveraging over 15 highly configurable form controls