Barcode Printer is a kind of printer dedicated to printing barcode labels. Barcode printer is also called Label Printer,

The biggest difference between barcode printers and ordinary printers (HP, EPSON, BROTHER) is that the printing of barcode printers is based on heat, and the printing is completed with Thermal Tesanfer Ribbon as the printing medium (or directly using thermal paper).

The biggest advantage of this printing method over the ordinary printing method is that it can realize continuous high-speed printing without supervision.

Zebra ZD621 4英吋 桌面打印機

The content it prints is generally the brand logo, serial number, packaging, bar code , envelope label, clothing tag, etc. of the enterprise.

I believe that we often encounter such a situation. When you go to the mall or supermarket to buy something, you will see a small label on the product. The label is a straight line of black and white ( this name is very unprofessional. But it is very clear ), when we went to checkout, the salesperson used a handheld barcode scanner to scan the label on the product, and the price you should pay for this product was immediately displayed on the terminal POS machine.